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Refund Policy/Evaluations-Classroom and Driving/Medical
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Phone: 913-387-9116
Refund Policy | Medical Issues

Refund Policy:  Once a student has attended any portion of the classroom session 1/2 of the tuition becomes non-refundable.  Once a student has started any portion of the behind-the-wheel lessons the second 1/2 portion of the tuition becomes non-refundable.  A student who is dismissed during the classroom session for being disrespectful, disruptive, or for any reason the school or its employees deems valid, and is solely based on their discretion, forfeits 1/2 of their tuition. 

Class Standards/Receiving a Passing Score:  In order to pass the classroom and driving portions of our program students must pass two examinations.  The classroom portion requires a post test score of 80% for a student to be deemed acceptable to progress to the driving portion of our program.  The driving portion of the program is subjective and student's will receive a passing score when, at the sole discretion of their Driving Instructor, the student is able to complete 3-2hr driving course sessions with little or no prompting from their instructor beyond directional guidance.  These sessions will include but may not be limited to: Residential-City-Highway-Parking.

Medical Holds: Parents, the Students whom the State holds for medical issues will have their permits revoked until the medical hold is released by the State.  We are required to NOT drive with Students who are medical holds.  Once the medical hold is released we will begin the Students driving as soon as we can.  Often it is NOT immediately as we cannot hold time for these Students while their medical issues are being cleared by the State. Medical hold issues WILL delay the completion of our Program beyond the normal 6-8 weeks depending on medical clearance and our driving load.