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Driving School Tips and Hints.

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                      Suggestions and Requirements Prior To Enrolling in Drivers Education To Ensure a Positive Experience:

1) Students MUST be 14 Years of Age.  Students are NOT required to hold a Learner's Permit to enroll.  However, they must be able to prove proficient in many driving competencies to pass our course.  All Students must reside in the State of KANSAS

2) We suggest about 15 hours of practice prior to enrolling.  Those with fewer hours typically take a little longer to complete the program as     we may ask that they practice between lessons.

3) Students who are comfortable behind-the-wheel often finish sooner than those who need more driving time(practice).

4) We suggest kids drive outside their "bubble" and we do REQUIRE a hand-over-hand 10&2 steering motion.  We'll help them get there, if       needed.

5) Students should be prepared to drive during NIGHT TIME Conditions as we have limited weekend driving time available.  Again, those       with night time driving experience may finish sooner.

6) Parents, we are given 6 hours to complete an evaluation of a Students driving skills.  Students with limited driving 
experience may be asked to complete additional practice hours prior to continuing their driving evaluation.  We will
continue to drive with those Students whom have put in the time, effort, and are ready to earn a Restricted License.  Students
with limited experience will fall to a lower priority on our driving schedule and will take an extended period to finish our
50 HOURS of Driving Practice to be Eligible for a Restricted License.  Students should have a good 10-15 Hours prior to 
enrollment in our program.  If they have 'zero' driving experience, expect to be asked to practice.

​7) Please Review the Driver Competency Evaluation Form to the Right.....PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!

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